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5.72% OFF on GUCEE HD88-2KAF Webcam, 28 LED Auto Focus HD 1080P 10x Digital Zoom

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$10 OFF for Mpow H19 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, 100 Hours Playtime Bluetooth

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10 $ off on Computers & Electronics .

Save $100 on NEJE 3 Pro E30130 5.5W Laser Engraver Cutter, Auto

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10 $ off on Computers & Electronics, Gifts & Flowers, Marketplaces (including Chinese Stores) Promo code is required.Shipping from: Europe..

Save $160 on Calmdo CD-AF25EU 12 in 1 Smart Air Fryer Toaster O

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16 $ off on Computers & Electronics, Gifts & Flowers, Marketplaces (including Chinese Stores) Promo code is required.Shipping from: Europe..

Save $200 on AVAKA BZ20 PLUS Electric Bike Foldable 20*3 Inch

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20 $ off on Computers & Electronics, Gifts & Flowers, Marketplaces (including Chinese Stores) Promo code is required.Shipping from: Poland..

$10 on orders over $100

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10 $ off on Accessories & Bags, Shoes, Clothing, Computers & Electronics, Watches & Jewelry, Marketplaces (including Chinese Stores) Promo code is required..

5% off new year code

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5% off on New Year Fest 2023 .

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Our Story

On this planet the shop shutters never close in our mission to put the 'ping' back in shopping as your always-on connection to the fashion you love.  

NNNOW specializes in crafting addictive shopping journeys — whether you know what you're looking for, or not. You're entitled to smart search with a slick interface, whether you're a brand loyalist or an adventurous style shopper or both.

Shop anywhere and deliver anywhere. Ours is a physical in-store experience powered by an online shopping nnnetwork and digital kiosks connecting all our retail spots, all our brands and all our technology to serve one focal point: you. And because you're switching so fast, between roles, locations and occasions, we are designed to keep up.

We're ahead of you only in one way: fashion. Because when our fashion editors co-curate content and what to wear with our savvy merchandisers, it's a hot match. They pick and mix from carefully chosen local labels as well as global powerhouse fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Aéropostale, who call Arvind Lifestyle Brands their home in India. 

NNNOW launched in May 2016. Over the following months we're rolling out next-level features and functionalities including the future of personalisation and, of course, more exciting fashion brands.

Want in? Get in touch with our merchandise, content, marketing, operations or tech teams via the Work With Us section below.

About Arvind Internet

Can I log into NNNOW with my Google or Facebook accounts?

Coming soon! We're working to make sure you can access NNNOW using your social media accounts.  
Meanwhile, you can log in or create a NNNOW account through our simple 3-step sign-up form.

How can I update my billing and delivery addresses?

Here's how you can update your billing and delivery addresses:
1. Log into your NNNOW account.
2. Click on My Addresses > Edit.
3. Update your address or add a new one.
4. Hit the Save button.


How can I see my order history?

Here's how you get to your order history:
1. Log into your NNNOW account.
2. Click on My NNNOW at the top right corner of your screen.
3. Click on My Account to view your order history.

How can I track my NNNOW order?

We've got our eyes on it! We'll keep you posted with an SMS and an email, every time the status of your shipment changes.
Meanwhile, you can always track the status of your order from your NNNOW account too.
1. Log into your NNNOW account.
2. Go to the My Account > Order Details > Track Order.

Can I make changes to my order after it's placed?

Once an order is confirmed, we can't change numbers, unfortunately: it isn't possible to add items to it, substitute one item for another, or increase the quantity of a product. Still, you can always place a new order with the new items you want!

If your delivery address has changed, contact us and we'll have your order shipped to the updated address. As long as an invoice hasn't already been generated – then it's too late.
If your order is headed to the wrong address, it'll be returned to its shipment origin. If it's a prepaid order, we'll refund the amount to you. If you chose cash on delivery, we'll remind you to place a new order with a new address.
For store pick-ups, we aren't able to change the pick-up store once you've placed an order.
We do our very best to get your order to you where you want it, how you want it and when you want it. But we can make changes only up to a certain stage of the order process, after which additional costs and time may be involved. Contact us to make changes to your existing NNNOW order.

What's the store pick-up option and how do I choose this?

This one's all about complete control. Need your order right nnnow? The store pick-up option lets you use our Store Locator to pick up your online order from a store most convenient to you.    
There are 3 simple steps to choosing store pick-up as your preferred delivery option:
1. Checkout page > Shipping method.
2. Enter your pin code > Show options.
3. Select the option Store Pick-up.

I want my order nnnow! Can I have it delivered by today or tomorrow?

If you want it, you can have it.
Choose same-day or next-day delivery at the time of placing your NNNOW order and we'll expedite the delivery of your order at an additional charge.
Please note that this is possible only if the product is available at the closest hub/store and if the product in question has not already had its invoice generated.

I'd like to know long it will take for my NNNOW order to reach me.

Enter your area pin code on the product description page of the item you'd like to buy and we'll tell you the number of days it'll take for it to reach your location.
Once you place an order, we'll email you expected delivery dates.  

I don't know what size I should buy! How can I figure it out online?

Don't worry, we've got your back.
Our handy fit guide section on each product page gives you measurements that'll help you zero in on your perfect size. And what's more, the fit guide is specially tailored for each category!

Can I place a bulk order on NNNOW?

You super-shopper, you. But NNNOW doesn't process bulk orders, or more than 5 of a particular item.

Does NNNOW provide product warranty/guarantee?

All NNNOW merchandise is authentic and sourced directly from the brands we work with. All products on NNNOW take the warranty provided by the manufacturer/brand.


Why does the estimated date of delivery differ from the delivery timeline mentioned after placing the order?

The estimated delivery time is an approximate date for your delivery.
Once the order is placed, we trace the closest shop to your address and update your estimated delivery time based on this. This is why there might be a difference in the 2 dates.

Let's talk delivery charges: What are my options?
Good news, delivery is now absolutely freeeeeee! 
If you want your order (whatever its total amount) to reach you sooner, we can make that happen. At a small cost, of course. 
* Same-Day Delivery charge: Rs. 99
* Next-Day Delivery charge: Rs. 79

Can I expect delivery all day, every day?

Well, every day except Sundays and national holidays.

Why doesn't NNNOW deliver to my location?

Your pin code is not yet serviceable by our courier partners and that's why we don't deliver to your location at the moment.
We're increasing our reach and partnering with reliable courier companies, so we should be able to get to you. Any day nnnow!

Does NNNOW deliver to locations outside India?

We don't deliver internationally at the moment.  

I've only received part of my NNNOW order. Help!  

Our NNNOW ninjas are shipping your orders from different locations in the country and the shipment closest to your location usually gets delivered first. We'll email you when the rest of your shipment is dispatched to you or is in transit.

I've placed my order online and I can't wait to pick it up from the store. How will I know when my order is ready for pick-up?

We'll help you track your precious package in 3 ways:
1. An SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number when your order is ready to be picked up from the store.
2. An email will be sent to your registered email address when your order is ready to be picked up from the store.
3. Live tracking option will be available at all times on My Orders page.

How many days do I have to pick up an order from the store once I get notified of its confirmation?

You can pick up your order from the store within 4 days of getting our pick-up confirmation via SMS, email or the live tracking option on 'My Orders' page.
If the world ends and you can't get to your order, it gets cancelled automatically and you'll need to place a new one.

Can I pay directly at the store when I pick up my order?

Of course you can! You can pay by cash or with your credit/debit card.

Do I need to show any verification at the store when I pick up my order?

At the time of pick-up, please be ready with the confirmation text containing your NNNOW Order ID sent to your registered mobile number or email address.

What if I'm out of town? Can someone else pick up my order from the store on my behalf?

Yes. You can send your helper to collect your order. They need to carry the confirmation text containing your NNNOW Order ID sent to your registered mobile number or email address.


What is NNNOW's Returns Policy?

At NNNOW we have a 15-day Returns Policy that gives you the choice to return items purchased from us.
* The 15-day policy is not applicable to innerwear, lingerie, fragrances and personal care and beauty products.
* All return items are run past our quality checklist, and the refund/replacement is processed only once it passes this stage.
* Return items must be undamaged and returned as delivered with the tags intact.
* Return items with damages caused by neglect, improper usage or application is not covered by this returns policy.
* Returns form with a legible returns ID must accompany the return item(s).
* Special rules for promo offers might override this Returns Policy.
* Convenience and delivery charges are not refundable, and refunds of cash on delivery are through NEFT transactions.

Is it possible to return only a part of my order?

Yes, it is. Each item you return will have a unique returns ID and email. While you can ship all the return items in one shipment, the returns form for each item must be included in it, with the returns ID for each product.

Why was my returns request declined?

If a returns product does not meet the criteria mentioned in our Returns Policy then we're forced to decline the request to return the product.

Can I exchange my order for a smaller or a bigger size?

We're working on fine-tuning our exchange process. Meanwhile, you can simply return your NNNOW size and place a new order for the product in your size.

What happens to my delivery charges when I return a product?

Unfortunately, delivery charges are non-refundable.

How do I return multiple products from a single order?

Our simple 5-step process will help.

1. Log into NNNOW.com and click on My Account.

2. Initiate a return for each product that you want to send back.

3. Pack all the items together in a single package.

4. Slap the returns IDs for each product on to the package.

5. You're good to go!


What is NNNOW's cancellation policy?

Made a mistake? Never mind, here's how you can cancel your order:
* Give us a call on 784-886-6669 or email us at care@nnnow.com to cancel your order before it has shipped from the warehouse/store.

* If your NNNOW order has already been shipped, you can refuse it at the time of arrival at your doorstep.

How will my refund be processed?

Your method of refund is dependant on the mode of payment for your order.
1. Paid in store or cash on delivery: Refund initiated through National Electronic Funds Transfer, 7 business days after our quality check.
2. Online payment via credit card/debit card/netbanking: Refund to source, 7 business days after our quality check.

I've been refunded an amount that's lower than what I originally paid. Why?

Your returns amount could be lower than what you originally paid if the product was part of a promotional offer, which is subject to terms and conditions. If the promotion is no longer applicable to your entire order, the total order value changes to reflect that, and the difference is adjusted against the refund amount.
Still think we made a mistake? Call us on 784-886-6669 and we'll figure it out together.


How can I pay for all the goodies that I've bought?

Here's how you can give your money to us:
1. You can opt for India's favourite mode of payment — cash on delivery!
2. You can be a warrior who isn't afraid of online payments and use the credit/debit card and netbanking modes of payment.
By the way, those shoes are going to look killer on you.

I have placed my order online. Can I still pick up my shopping bags from the store and pay there directly?

Of course you can! Shoppers who want their NNNOW purchases right nnnow can select 'Store Pick-up' and 'Cash On Delivery'  options while checking out. This will allow you to pay by cash at the store.
If you're too lazy to visit the ATM, then simply pay with your beloved credit/debit card. Cha-Ching!

Is it safe to use to credit/debit cards on NNNOW.com? Ease my paranoia, please.

Yes. Yes. Yes. We have tied up with trusted gateways to ensure a safe and secure payment process.

My order didn't get confirmed but the money has been debited from my account. Grrr. Now help me.

Deep breath. Everything is under control. There could be multiple reasons for this – maybe your bomb dress was too hot to handle or maybe there was a bug who got jealous of your new shoes. Here's the good news: Your amount will be credited back to your account within 5 to 7 working days. You can place a fresh order for your products. Also, sorry *sniffle*.

There's a difference between the price/promotion at offline stores and on NNNOW.com. WHY???

Think about NNNOW and offline stores as neighbours happily coexisting in an omnichannel ecosystem. And each neighbour has house rules. Curious about the details?
1. Prices and promos vary based on location and occasion (though we try to keep things standard as much as possible).
2. Some promotions are held at the store level only, or only in certain cities.

For customer Inquiries email us at: Give us a call at:080 3923 4500, Customer support number available:Monday - Sunday, 9 am - 10 pm